Acocella Law Group has been representing Cappelli Enterprises, The Ritz Carlton Board of Managers, The Trump Towers Board of Managers and Lofts at New Roc Cooperative Board for approximately six (6) months.Mr. Frank A. Acocella has been extremely helpful in negotiating and facilitating payment plans and retrieving delinquent maintenance, common charges, rent and past due fees, expenses and costs. When dealing with complicated legal obstacles and the desire to have practical solutions in these very difficult economic times, any company having the guidance of Acocella Law Group will be in a better position. Acocella Law Group would be an asset.

Gina R. Parra
Director, Legal & Administration

Acocella Law Group have been representing Oxford Associates Group for approximately four years, and they have done an excellent job in assisting us sell units, retrieve delinquent rent and past due fees, expenses and costs, negotiate and renegotiate agreements, and assist in the overall management of approximately 300 residential units. Mr. Acocella would be an asset to any company seeking management services, as his legal background and business sense give him a substantial edge in achieving quick and efficient results for property owners.

If you have any questions, you may reach me at 718-383-5242.

Yours truly,
Oxford Associates Group Inc.
George Kyriak

AVVO Reviews

Posted by Seeta | February 12, 2016

Marvelous staff and dedicated to helping their clients.
The help that Acocella Law Group gave me and my family was tremendous. We first sought out their service when we came under severe financial hardships. Through their efforts and effective client communication, the entire process was seamless and problem free. We knew exactly what we had to do on our part. Furthermore, Acocella updated us to the best of their ability on the status of our case. The entire staff was exceptionally helpful, most notably, Larry Sprinkle, Heather Martin, and Kunal Parikh. If anyone that I know of, was to find themselves in a situation similar to that of mine, I would most certainly advocate for choosing Acocella Law Group. Overall, their effective communication, coherent actions, and strong work ethic helped me and family vanquish our problems, and I would recommend their services.

Posted by Dany | January 28, 2016

They both were excellent they explained everything concerning my foreclosure case in great detail. Jaime effectively negotiated a good deal for me and my family allowing us to keep our home. I would highly recommend the firm to anyone who asks.

Posted by Gary | January 18, 2016

Mortgage modification
After spending close to a year trying to work out a mortgage modification with my loan servicer, I was ready to give up in frustration. I had to keep submitting documents, over and over again, only to be told that I had to start the process all over again due to the fact that the original application was now considered to be "stale".

I heard about The Acocella Law group from a radio commercial, and consulted with them in regards to getting help obtaining a mortgage modification. Although it took a little longer than I liked, the team was successful in helping me get a permanent modification. The team kept in touch with me during the whole process, and followed up on all payments to the loan servicer to make sure the modification would be approved.

Posted by Merlene | January 10, 2016

Financial challenges from High interest rate and a whole lot of commitments made it impossible for me to pay my Debts. Someone referred me to this Law firm. I am glad I did seek their help, the staffs are efficient, on-top of all the requirements from my Lender; they worked with me and the end result is excellent. Look no further. Give them a call today.

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